Private Schools!

Yes Now You Can Also Have Your Own Mini Science Centre

Private Schools!

Yes, Now You Can Also Have Your Own Mini Science Centre

Tinker Lab Mentor

Become a mentor

If you or your organization is interested in collaborating with STEM Learning Mentor Program, which requires mentors who are willing to volunteer two hours every week , please get in touch.


Mentorship Program

The goal of the Mentoring Program is to provide encouragement, support, and guidance to teachers of low-income school to promote Tinkering activities and STEM education.

A mentor is a person with design mindset, preferably from science or mathematics background, enthusiastic learner and a motivator who listens and handholds the teachers through regular training and capacity building program.

Mentors will be trained & guided by experts from STEM Learning for different Tinkering activities.

Mentors and mentees must commit to a minimum one year in the program and have contact 2-3 times per week during that period.

About Tinker Lab

TINKER LAB have been conceptualized to imbibe futuristic skill sets among UNDERPRIVILEGED YOUNGSTERS by providing them with access to multiple technologies and enabling them to build/make new solutions to solve challenges they see in their communities.

STEM learning is an organization aimed to facilitate and implement Corporate Social Responsibility in the education sector. As a social enterprise, we are committed to empower UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN with the basic concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) using Tinker Lab & Mini Science centres.



Who will be my mentee?
Your mentees will be existing teachers from Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation schools.

What does the time commitment look like for a mentor?
During the period, you must be in contact with your mentee for 15 sessions of 2 Hrs each. This may mean sending an email, initiating a phone conversation, meeting via web conferencing or meeting face-to-face. Beyond that, the duration and frequency of that contact are up to the individual mentor and mentee. The time commitment is determined by the mentor and mentee together. The mentoring relationship can last longer than one year and contact can be more frequent if both mentor and mentee choose.

Is there a deadline to become a mentor?
No. We match people up throughout the year, so you can apply at any time.

What happens after I apply?
After applying, the selection process will be followed. If your place on the program is secure and you will be provided with hand holding & guided training sessions.

How do you match up mentors and mentees?
STEM learning will match up the mentors and mentees as per the geographical location and expertise.

What if I and my mentee aren’t a good fit?
Occasionally, the mentoring relationship doesn’t work out. This can be a result of a bad fit, a mentor or mentee who doesn’t actively participate in the relationship, or communication issues. If this happens, the best way to approach it is to first address the issue with the mentor/mentee. If this does not rectify the problem, contact the Mentoring Program Administrators at who can try and help fix the problem.

What if I have questions?
The Tinker Mentoring Program is managed by the STEM Learning.
Please contact the Mentoring Program Administrators at with any questions or concerns.

Private Schools!

Yes Now You Can Also Have Your Own Mini Science Centre

Private Schools!

Yes, Now You Can Also Have Your Own Mini Science Centre