Peer to peer learning at Mini Science Centre - CSR initiative of Monsanto India


CSR: Monsanto India aims to transform Educational opportunities in Marathwada

Monsanto India inaugurated 11 Mini Science Centres in Marathwada
Monsanto India inaugurated 11 Mini Science Centres in Marathwada

Education is the passport to the future, tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. And to prepare the underprivileged children for the competitive future, it is necessary to enlighten them with the fundamental concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

A move made by Monsanto India Limited in partnership with STEM Learning and United Way of Mumbai (UWM) will bring a drastic betterment in the life of underprivileged children in Maharashtra. 20 Mini Science Centres will be established in Government schools across Marathwada region at Maharashtra. The aim is to benefit over 10,000 school children over a period of two years between 2017-19. Monsanto is an agriculture company and hence chose drought-affected region- Nanded for the establishment of MSC.

The concept of Mini Science Centre was introduced by STEM Learning, in which students have access to 65 hands-on tabletop plug & play models and 33 colour coded backdrops. All these amenities help to make learning a fun and interesting process. Through these models, students learn quickly and they don’t find studying boring.

11 Mini Science Centres had already been established this year on 9th February, the remaining would be launched in the coming year. Prachi Nautiyal, Director of Corporate Partnership UWM; Pratapsingh Kale, Territory manager, Traits- Monsanto graced the inauguration event with their presence. It was an overwhelming experience as they came to visit an area like Nanded which is far from metros like Mumbai & Pune.

CSR & Sustainability Lead, Monsanto India, Dhanalakshmi Ramachandra quoted, “Science is a fascinating subject. The concepts taught using textbooks often limit students understanding and consequently reduce their interest to learn more. Setting up of MSC’s will enable children to explore concepts and also provide a better understanding of Science”

Peer to Peer Learning at Mini Science Centre – CSR Initiative of Monsanto India

The concepts taught in the MSC are NCERT and Maharashtra state board approved concepts, providing practical knowledge for the students of class V to X. The models, backdrops and manuals are in local languages which help students as well as teachers to understand concepts efficiently.

The enhancement provided by Monsanto India & STEM Learning in the learning process will eventually end up in benefitting not only the students but the entire country because a whole new group of underprivileged children will also be the bright part of this competitive world.