Mini Science Centre Installation

Mini Science Centre Installation is the first step towards empowering underprivileged children and teachers in the field of Science education. Regardless of whether the schools are located in either rural or urban area, Mini Science Centre makes it a point to install the science centres wherever needed, at any corner of the country. We have MSCs installed in the remotest regions, where they are helping children attain high standard Science education.

A group of skilled and trained people from STEM set up the MSCs in schools and educational centres and since they are easy to assemble, the installation is done in no time. After the initial groundwork is done, it is ready to be used by both teachers and students. STEM Learning helps in the training of Science and Math teachers so that they can explain subject-specific concepts with ease. This ultimately helps children use the models effectively and gain maximum knowledge. With state of the art quality, these models are produced by us after considering the criteria and syllabus of Science education all over the world.


Schools now have improved facility to teach
Science & Maths
Students now have better access to quality
Teachers now have access to improved methodology to teach Science & Maths