CSR Professionals Gather at Deccan CSR Summit 2018

CSR Professionals Gather at Deccan CSR Summit 2018

STEM Learning's Stall at Deccan CSR Summit - 2018
STEM Learning’s Stall at Deccan CSR Summit 2018

Positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.

What a positive start of the year 2018 that CSR professionals of Deccan states, Government authorities and corporate sector, all came together for efficient allocation of CSR. STEM learning supported one of the sponsors of Deccan CSR Summit 2018 which was held on 22nd February.

Deccan CSR summit was hosted and co-hosted by NGOBOX and NSDC respectively, as a pre-run-up event of India’s largest CSR forum ‘India CSR Summit & Exhibition’.  They aimed at bringing together CSR stakeholders from Deccan part of India to create coherence for impactful CSR partnerships and provided an understanding of how CSR is playing the vital role in developing Deccan states.

STEM learning’s way of efficient allocation of CSR is through putting up of Mini Science Centres for underprivileged children. We at STEM target to empower underprivileged children in rural India with the fundamental concepts of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), thereby encouraging students interest in science and technology.

In Deccan Summit, we showcased our working scientific models which are used in our Mini Science Centre. It was witnessed by a lot of corporate firms and CSR stakeholders. It was an overwhelming moment when Shri Bhagwanth Khuba (M.P. Bidar, Karnataka), Ch. Malla Reddy (M.P. Telangana) and Sitaram Naik (M.P. Telangana) visited our booth.  They found the science models and backdrops so effectively efficient that they thought these would be best suited for the children of their constituency.

Shri Bhawgwanth Khuba-MP of Bidar visiting STEM Learning Stall at Deccan CSR Summit

Mini Science Centre is a creative and remarkable concept comprising of outstandingly amazing models and charts which helps to make learning easy and interesting. We believe in practical knowledge for which we had provided students and teachers with such concepts of learning which are far better than the concept of mugging up the textbooks. STEM Learning has the presence in 19 States of India, had reached 8, 50,000 + students and provided 5000 teachers in 850 schools. MSC had achieved the goal of making science learning fun. But as said, “Sky is not the limit”, so STEM’s aim is to intensify scientific temperament among all the underprivileged children.

Private Schools!

Yes Now You Can Also Have Your Own Mini Science Centre

Private Schools!

Yes, Now You Can Also Have Your Own Mini Science Centre