Improving Maths & Science Education For The Less Privileged.

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Science holds the key for the better tomorrow
Our Mini Science Centres help unlock the potential

A country of rich heritage and history of scientific discoveries, somewhere we lost our way in harnessing our potential. For the change to take place, STEM learning play an active role. With over 60 interactive Maths and Science hands on working models, we have focused on developing curious young minds and help them understand complex scientific theories in a fun filled way. Our unique Mini Science Centres (MSC) create an interactive platform for children and expand their learning potential. It has opened a new dimension for children to play-observe-question and learn. STEM has successfully implemented 650 Mini Science Centres in 15 States accross India that have brought quality education to school children in rural India. Organizing series of two training programs for teachers and train teachers with knowledge on operating Mini Science Centres. So install Mini Science Centre to increase the scientific temper among school students.

Schools now have improved facility to teach
Science & Maths
Students now have better access to quality
Teachers now have access to improved methodology to teach Science & Maths
States in which
STEM MSC Installed