Education without knowing its actual application is incomplete learning. It's just like driving a plane, by going through the theories of the book. The results of riding a plane in such a way can be hilarious. So, think of our lives moving on just by the theories and no practical
education. For literature and social sciences, the major part of learning is of theory. So, for such subjects just learning, knowing, and relating with the terms work out well. But when it comes to STEM that is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, just theory can’t solve
the purpose of education. Students need to know the application or the practical implementation of what they are learning.
Practical education gives shape to your theoretical learning. You learn to implement the laws, theorems, and principles of the subjects. You are proactive, efficient and confident if you have a sound practical education combined with your theoretical knowledge. Practical education helps to enhance the skills of students. And later these skilled students become the skilled workforce of the nation, which in turn helps in strengthening the nation socially and economically. You have the skills, you are the master, you don’t need to ask for help every now and then. Illuminating the lives of students, transforming theoretical learning through practical education across India STEM Learning is striving hard to bring smiles to the lives of students and teachers. Students learn in the best practical way with the help of STEM MSC exhibits
and Tinkering Lab. We have reached many schools, teachers, and students and many more are yet to reached and get benefitted.