STEM that is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is more about practical-oriented learning rather than just the theories. STEM concepts are complicated tounderstand without observing its working in practice. So, STEM needs practical explanation with the help of exhibits or models. If this is taken care of cognitive understanding of the learner is sure to increase. Is STEM education essential? Yes, because a countries social and economic well-being majorly depends on STEM advancement. Realizing the scope of STEM India too is equipping with policies and practices to advance STEM. The Education sector is trying to implement STEM through smart classrooms, hands-on learning. Government is working on to support educational institutions to advance their libraries with practically engaging infrastructures. Also working on the concepts of language
labs, gamification, assessment systems and more. Private STEM Learning companies are helping schools to build up STEM centres and Tinkering Labs.
Many countries have realized the potential of STEM and are working on it. Japan has introduced national STEM frameworks for 2020. Other countries like UK, US, etc. are developing their curriculums based on STEM frameworks. It is all being done because STEM education is essential for progress and development of the nation.