HDFC Jharkhand – Nav Bharat Jagruti Kendra

STEM @ Yamgarwadi – Eklavya Vidya Sankul Ashramshala

HDFC Chhattisgarh – M. S. Dharmpura School

63 Moons – Sonurli School

Guests from 63 Moons visited MSC and interacted with students and teachers of Mauli Madhyamik Vidyalay Sonurli, Sindhudurg, Maharashtra

HDFC Govt HS Kerawadwari “Law’s of Reflection”

STEM education with MSC exhibit of Law of Reflection at HDFC supported Govt High School, Kervaduwari, Korba, Chhatisgarh

Deloitte – Peer to Peer Learning

“Peer to peer learning session using different MSC exhibtis being done at Deloitte and UWM supported School”

Mulund – Vidya Mandir School

Students of Mulund Vidya Mandir School, Maharashtra are using MSC exhibits to learn STEM concepts

EIL – Navbharat Highschool Bharane

Maintaining and updating MSC Register regulary is the best Practice followed here by EIL supported Navbharat High School Bharane, Khed, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.

“Brillio – Government High School Gottigere Inauguration”

“Inauguration of MSC by suppport of Brillio at government High School, Gottigere, Bengaluru was done enthusiastically. Students and teachers got introduced to practical learning with Mini Science Centre exhibits”

Concern India – Raffath Unnisa MSC Usage

Peer to peer learning using Transverse Wave Pendulum Mini Science Centre exhibit being done at Deloitte supported School

HSBC – St.Soloman High School & Shri Saraswati High School Hyderabad MSC Use

Students using Sensor and Pendulum based Exhibits to understand STEM concepts of their books. These are students of St. Soloman High School & Shri Saraswati High School, Hyderabad supported by HSBC under CSR in education for Telangana State

JHS – Dadupur MSC Visit

Students of JHS supported school in Dadupur Region playfully enjoy time with STEM MSC exhibits


Practical learning through teaching aids in science taken by students and teachers at a HSBC supported MSC

Galway – Marian MSC visit

Galway supported STEM Mini Science Centre at Chhatisgarh school glimpses. Teaching aids for science and maths being used for interactive and practical learning

Deloitte – Wamanrao Muranjan Madhyamik Vidyalaya Mulund

Muranjan Madhyamik Vidyalay, Mulund, students and teachers peer to peer learning through MSC teaching aids.

Muranjan Madhyamik Vidyalay, Mulund, teachers ansd students perform interactive peer to peer learning session and developing practical learning approach of STEM Concepts.

Muranjan Madhyamik Vidyalay, Mulund, students are performing peer to peer learning activity using Law of Inertia Exhibit. And also understanding what Newton’s First law is?

Deloitte Mulund Vidya Mandir

Mulund Vidya Mandir, Mumbai, Maharashtra students and teacher trying their hands on science exhibtis model of Law of inertia and circle and ball to learn science