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Mini Science Centre

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are at the heart of technological revolution which is transforming the way we live and the way we work. Integrating STEM Education in Education sector results in developing curiosity, inquisitiveness, critical-thinking, problem-solving capacities, imagining, questioning and exploring, innovating, designing and making, testing and modifying their solutions to complex problems among learners.

STEM Learning is a social enterprise aimed to facilitate and integrate the partnerships from several stakeholders (Public Sectors, Government Bodies, Private Sectors, Non-Profit Sectors and philanthropists) in education sector.

We aim to lessen the gap between contextual and rote based learning, and replace it with a practical approach, which will equip children with the skills and knowledge needed to get lucrative opportunities in their fields of interest. It aims to clear the fundamental concepts of STEM disciplines, so that the learners can opt for their higher studies and beyond.

  • Our offerings are best for students of 5 – 10th grade (50 % of the elementary education children and beyond), aligning with the global goals SDG 4*, EFA Goals# and The RTE Act**, Government of India.
  • The ultimate aim is pedagogy transformation through Teachers Training Programmes, ensuring students’ participation, using easy to handle portable plug and play models, which ultimately saves teaching time by 50% besides giving clarity of Science and Mathematics concept to students.
  • We offer Infrastructure development, hands-on experience, alleviating curiosity and interest development, igniting young minds, Continuous Professional Development for Teachers (CPDT), and learner’s get innovative.
  • A unique platform for the teachers and learners peer knowledge transfer and sharing.
  • STEM Learning gives an option of integrated offerings for the partnership like financial support, volunteerism, partnership etc.
  • The school and teachers are involved from the day one and the complete ownership is assigned to the school, so the offerings are not STEM owned but SCHOOL OWNED.


  • Till date, 1900+ Mini Science Centres (MSC) installed, out of which 60% are in rural areas
  • Total students reached: 1 Million+
  • Total teachers trained: 8000+
  • Total teachers training conducted: 3000+
  • The STEM MSC has been mapped with CBSE and SSC Boards in India
  • It has been approved by four SCERTs: Chhattisgarh, Goa, Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra. Many more on the process
  • The Study Materials are available in five languages: English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, and Marathi. Looking ahead in other languages
  • STEM Learning has received FKCCI – Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce & Industry CSR Awards 2018 – “Best CSR Project in Social Sector”


Students Benefitted


Schools Empowered


Teachers Trained