Employee Engagement is Crucial to Your Organizational Productivity

Employee Engagement is Crucial to Your Organizational Productivity

“Only 15 percent of the world’s one billion full-time employees are engaged at work but this still means that roughly 85 percent of employees aren’t engaged. It would change the world if we did better,” wrote Jim Clifton, chairman and CEO at Gallup.

Engagement is the ability to be present, focused, and energized. Engaged people go above and beyond what is expected of them because they feel part of a purpose larger than themselves.

Employee engagement has been the elusive holy grail for most managers, regardless of industry sectors or geographic territories. How can managers and leaders increase engagement in their organizations to boost productivity and improve profitability?

The various ways through which employees can be kept engaged are:

1. Recruit Right: That might sound a bit odd, but you cannot expect great engagement from someone who was just picked off the street and given a job with no burning desire to work for your company. Employees who really excel at work are those who are highly motivated than employees who just want a job. It is of great importance to choose a right person for the right job. Therefore, you will notice that companies that have great employee engagement are usually hard to get into in the first place; they place several barriers before you can enter as an employee.

2. Recognize Employees: Organization must be to recognize the abilities of their employees. Any organization that follows a proper recruitment process offers employment only to those they feel will make a positive contribution. Therefore, any time they make a positive contribution, acknowledge and celebrate them—not just by patting them on the back, but by noting what exactly they did and how it made a positive impact to the organization.

3. Appreciate the efforts: Organization must reward the employees who are fully engaged as it will be a motivation for them as well as for those who aren’t engaged at all. An organization that is clear about what behaviors it wants from its employees, and rewards them consistently for those behaviors, is far more likely to ensure greater level of engagement.

4. Take action or respond: Employees engage themselves so that they can benefit their organization, but if the heads don’t take any action or respond, employees feel that their efforts are unnoticed. They want their ideas to be considered seriously and, if appropriate, implemented.

5. Remove or reevaluate as necessary: Every manager has a responsibility to make the hard decision to terminate an employee if it doesn’t work out. The earlier you do this, the better it is for both the employee and the organization. The rest of the team will respect you, and your clarity of what is acceptable performance and what’s not.

6. Engage them in CSR: The employees can get the feeling of satisfaction and happiness that they are contributing their efforts for the betterment of people. And the employees feel proud in working with the organization that is engaged in CSR activities.

HSBC Employees felicitating underprivileged children at Pune

STEM Learning join hands with corporations so they get the opportunity to engage their employees in the CSR activities. We offer customised Volunteer Engagement programs to donors for their CSR in educational activities. To reflect the thought process of individual corporates, these activities are based on wishes from the corporate donors. In this program, we offer the following activities:

Mini Science Centre Installation: Corporate volunteers joined hands with STEM Learning to install STEM Mini Science Centres in underprivileged schools. The Mini Science Centres seek to increase STEM literacy and prepare underprivileged children for the demands of a 21-century society that will require them to learn by doing, think computationally, problem-solve, and collaborate.

Science Quiz: As part of their CSR in education, we help corporate organize science quiz competitions in schools. These competitions help build confidence among the children and develop critical thinking skills in them. Corporate put-forward a quiz in the form of interactive games based on children’s existing Math and Science syllabus.

Model Designing: Children are also encouraged to design their own models. The model making competition sparks creativity among the young boys and girls.The competition helps them to learn design-based learning to spur curiosity and innovation.

Brillio Employees nurturing the Innovative Mindset of Needy Students
Brillio Employee Engagement Program – 2018

Tinker Lab: Tinker Labs are being developed by STEM Learning to develop innovative and creative skills among underprivileged children. Because being just a literate can never be enough in today’s world. We aim not only at enhancing the skills of the students but in adding up of more and more qualities in them so that they can build and make new solutions for the problems present today. STEM Tinker Labs comprises of ‘do it yourself’ kits and equipment on- Science, Electronics, Robotics, Open Source Microcontroller Boards, Sensors and 3D printers, etc.

On 18th & 19th of January 2018, STEM Learning hosted an employee engagement activity with Brillio at Bangalore for Tinker Labs. Around 100 students from 2 Government High School came for the training process.

It is important for every organization to conduct employee engagement activities so that sense of belongingness can be created among the employees. An employee goes through a lot of stress during work hours so if indulged in volunteering for any cause then they get immense satisfaction and it makes their inner self-happy. This, in turn, helps in the betterment of their work performance.

Private Schools!

Yes Now You Can Also Have Your Own Mini Science Centre

Private Schools!

Yes, Now You Can Also Have Your Own Mini Science Centre