Tinker Lab

STEM Tinker Lab have been made to develop modern skill sets amongst underprivileged youngsters by providing them with access to multiple technologies and enabling them to build/make new solutions to solve the challenges present in the society.

The objective is to build curiosity, creativity, imagination in young minds and to develop skills like Design Mind Set, Computational Thinking, Adaptive Learning, Physical Computing etc. This helps immensely because the global scenario of Future Work Skills is increasingly being considered as an important skill set for creating new avenues, providing solutions to global problems, and leading the global economy towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

STEM Tinker Lab contains educational “do it yourself” kits and equipment on – Science, Electronics, Robotics, Open source microcontroller boards, Sensors and 3D printers etc.

School teachers will be motivated to use these resources and conduct tinker session for students.

Once set up, the Tinker Labs are kept in the schools only.


Schools now have improved facility to teach
Science & Maths
Students now have better access to quality
Teachers now have access to improved methodology to teach Science & Maths