My journey to Mangalore as a trainer to Mini Science Centre at Vidya Prasara Vidyamandira, Hejamadi, Mangalore was on 15th October’ 2018. It was basically for inauguration Mini Science Centre and Teachers Training Programme at this school.

Let’s know more about Vidya Prasara Vidyamandira School.

  1. The school was established in 1950 in the name of Hejamadi Kodi Vidya Prasara. It is an association primarily consisting of ex-students of the schools in the village.
  2. The school works with the aim to achieve zero school drop-out rate in the village as well as increase the literacy level. And also to advance the standard of education than currently available in nearby cities like a computer – E education.
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The inauguration started at 1:30 PM in presence of all the members of the association, teachers, students, and the parents. Members of the school association were very inspiring with their words and actions.

Everyone present there seemed excited to know more about the MSC exhibits. The main attention grabbers were the Magic Water Tap, Maxwell’s Wheel, Newton’s Cradle, and the Infinity Tunnel.

Moving ahead I took the Teachers Training Programme of the Science teachers, I explained working principles of these exhibits by giving real life examples for all the 65 exhibits.
The co-founder of the school, Mr. Ravindra Puthran happy and impressed with my zeal towards the work. He wanted to know more about other scientific and technological things that can be done for the betterment of the students.
On a very serious note, I am very happy and grateful to STEM Learning for providing me this opportunity to play a role in the betterment of society through education.
STEM does not only stand for Science Technology Engineering Mathematics but also according to me it is paving the path for “Students to Think and Explore through their Minds”.
Here I conclude my short and sweet experience for this particular instance, but there are many more to come. So, stay in touch with us.

Manoj AP