Upgrading Education in Himachal Pradesh through CSR


Upgrading Education in Himachal Pradesh through CSR

Upgrading Education in Himachal Pradesh through CSR
Priyanka Negi, Student from Government High School Nichar, Himachal Pradesh Handling STEM Model

Himachal Pradesh, the state well known for its beauty is covered by lower Himalayas’ all over. The high mountains seem to protect the state from the four corners. Moreover, they stand so bold and firm motivating people. Likewise, the students of Govt S.S. School of Urni & Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, will become an ideal for other underprivileged students. Because STEM learning & JSW foundation provided them with Mini Science Centres (MSC), which succeeded in upgrading the learning system.

STEM Learning reached out to the remotest areas of Himachal Pradesh (Urni & Kinnaur) where students walked for 2-3 kilometres to reach schools. We installed Mini Science centres in these schools through CSR with the aim of reaching out to the students. In MSC students have access to hands-on tabletop plug & play models and colourful backdrops which make learning easy and interesting.

Mr Suhas Diwan, Principal of Govt. S.S. School, Urni said “the Mini Science Centre that has been established by STEM Learning has all the working models so it has become easier for the Science teachers to explain the basic concepts to students” he further added “I heartily thank STEM Learning & JSW Foundation for providing such a wonderful facility to both the teachers and the students because of which the learning level of students has upgraded.

STEM Mini Science Centre

Priyanka Negi, a student of Govt. S. S. thanked MSC and said “it has given us such great optics to understand Science in a better way. She even told that beforehand the students just had to imagine the DNA and its working, but now they can study it through 3-dimensional models which make it easier to understand.

The journey from where we started and where we are is full of obstacles and difficulties. We can’t just provide the schools with MSC; we even have to train each teacher so that they can effectively teach the students. Also, people do not tend to have so adaptive nature, so it takes time for them to understand our vision and then to adapt it. A little progress each day adds up to the success.

This is not just our success. This couldn’t be possible without the support of our mission partners like JSW, who contributed their CSR funds towards the mission to promote science education among the rural & remotest areas of the country. An appreciation by media or government obviously makes us feel better but when we witness students reaching heights, the pride we feel is unmatched. When a student who is scared of science, when taught theoretically but creates their own innovations when provided with practical models and facilities, that is what our real success is.