Vision & Mission

STEM Learning was envisioned to introduce the basic concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at the school level. Their aim was to spike students’ interest in Science and Technology. STEM installs Mini Science Centres and designs models to make learning more practical, fun-loving, and easy to understand for students. It gives them proactive experience with the actual scientific models that they learn about from their textbooks.

STEM Learning’s objective is the development of sustainable, long-lasting and effective CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives in education. We intend to achieve this by collaborating with corporates and implementing innovative projects to ensure that our objectives have maximum impact when needed most.

Mission Statement:

To enhance students’ aptitude towards science & math so that they embrace it and grow with it while relishing the learning procedure.

Vision Statement:

To be globally recognized for introducing innovative learning products at the school level and contributing to society by making education easier for lesser privileged students.


Making learning accessible to all children for aptitude enhancement. To ensure that the students have access to equal opportunities.

Immediate Goal:

Reaching out to a larger population of underprivileged children PAN India.

Immediate Aim:

Reaching out to 5 lakh underprivileged children in 2017-18.

Specific Objectives:

To ignite scientific interest in children so that:
– they develop an aptitude.
–difficult subjects like Science & Math are made simpler and fun.
–discovery and learning become a regular process.
–they get clarity on scientific knowledge for day-to-day understanding.
All of these are expected to strengthen scientific temper in children, thus laying the foundation for a flourishing career in Science & Math.

Strategic Areas of Focus:

– Providing quality teaching aids to improve teaching methods for students from lesser privileged sections of society.
– Enhancing a positive attitude, learning capacity, and skills of students; enabling them to grasp Science and Math in a more effective and interesting way.
– Providing a platform where students and teachers can volunteer for customized engagement programs/events.
– Creating partnerships and collaborating with various stakeholders to ensure sustainability of the project.

STEM Learning Vision & Mission | Strategic Areas of Focus



Schools now have improved facility to teach
Science & Maths
Students now have better access to quality
Teachers now have access to improved methodology to teach Science & Maths