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Corporate Volunteering and Employee Engagement

Volunteer/Employment Engagement is an important and integral part of the entire Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) process in education which helps build and strengthen a strong relationship between the school and donors from time to time. STEM Learning provides such customised Volunteer/Employment Engagement programs to donors for their CSR in educational activities. To reflect the thought process of individual corporates, these activities are based on wishes from the corporate donors. In this program, we offer the below activities:


  • Industry Engagement: The main aim of CSR in education is teaching children to implement their learnings practically for the betterment of society.
    In this program, we invite experts from the donor corporates to explain the relation between school learnings and corporate businesses. This helps to enhance children’s knowledge and helps them understand products and how to use them in real-life.

  • Quiz: As part of their CSR in education, we help corporates organize interesting quiz competitions in schools. These competitions help build confidence among the children and develop critical thinking skills in them. Corporates put-forward a quiz in the form of interactive games based on children’s existing Math and Science syllabus.

  • Model Learning and Designing: This is achieved by explaining how the models work and that the scientific and mathematical models are developed to make learning easy. Children are also encouraged to design their own scientific models.

  • Creating a database of online reference material/videos/websites: Corporates help STEM Learning and the concerned underprivileged schools to create a database of scientific and educational reference materials that can be easily found online.Educational videos, content and websites are offered as supporting reference material.

  • STEM career opportunities in the Industry: The Volunteer/Employment Engagement team from the respective corporates can opt for a session with the children on the future possibilities for STEM students in the corporate world.


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