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For Installing Mini Science Centre Through CSR

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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are at the heart of technological revolution which is transforming the way we live and the way we work. Integrating STEM Education in Education sector results in developing curiosity, inquisitiveness, critical-thinking, problem-solving capacities, imagining, questioning and exploring, innovating, designing and making, testing and modifying their solutions to complex problems among learners.

STEM Learning is a social enterprise aimed to facilitate and integrate the partnerships from several stakeholders (Public Sectors, Government Bodies, Private Sectors, Non-Profit Sectors and philanthropists) in education sector.

We aim to lessen the gap between contextual and rote based learning, and replace it with a practical approach, which will equip children with the skills and knowledge needed to get lucrative opportunities in their fields of interest. It aims to clear the fundamental concepts of STEM disciplines, so that the learners can opt for their higher studies and beyond.

Mini Science Centre

our offerings-mini science centre


Our Mini Science Centre (MSC) is innovative and interactive with a hands-on approach to teach the concepts of Science and Math. This modern way of teaching not only helps students to understand the concepts easily but also to implement them for the progress of the society.


  • The main focus of this offering is to clear basic concepts of science & mathematics through interactive hands on experience.
  • It is a year-round engagement which is owned by the school from the day one.
  • The ultimate aim is pedagogy transformation.
  • 75 plug and play exhibits (models) with 33 backdrops/illustrations.
  • It has been mapped with CBSE and SSC Boards in India.
  • Effective teaching time reduction to 50% to 60% besides giving the Science and Mathematics concept clarity to students.

Our Success Story

Schools now have improved facility to teach Science & Maths

Students now have better access to quality education

Teachers now have access to improved methodology to teach Science & Maths