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A Social Enterprise aiming to ameliorate the quality of education in rural and urban areas through our initiatives that translate concepts into interactive models and ideas that facilitate effortless learning.

We provide models for basic STEM concepts through installation of Mini Science Centers

Operations spread across 21 states and 3 union territories in India

Our initiatives cater to students from 5th to 10th standard

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Schools Across India


3 Union Territories In India

STEM Learning Academic Year 2020-21

During the academic year 2020-21, when the entire country was at standstill, we at STEM Learning did not stop. To our achievement, we installed numerous ‘Mini Science Centres’ in the underprivileged schools within the length and breadth of the country, giving access to thousands of students to take advantage of the state-of- the-art centers.

Mini Science Centres installed = 150

Access of Mini Science Centres to students = 75,000

Teachers trained thru digital literacy = 2000

Students trained thru digital literacy = 700

Mini Science Centre

The academic year 2020-21 proved to be a challenging year for everyone, including the teachers. The main challenge being how to keep the students engaged and focussed on STEM subjects and adapt to online teaching.

  • In such a scenario, the offerings provided by STEM Learning turned out to be a true blessing for the teachers and the students. With the help of the innovative exhibits from the highly effective Mini Science Centres installed in the schools, the teachers were able to use them to teach STEM subjects pretty much with ease.

  • Although it was virtual teaching, it never felt like one, as whatever the teachers explained, the students were able to easily grasp it, all thanks to the well-curated exhibits displayed by the teachers. Listening, and at the same time visualizing the topic, adds a lot of charm in understanding and memorizing it.

STEM LEARNING - A Social Enterprise

Tinkering & JustCoding

The world is moving ahead at a very fast pace with technology being at its forefront. And we do not want those deserving students from underprivileged schools to miss out by any means whatsoever. Hence, we came up with this dedicated portal for them to excel in their designing world.

STEM Learning came out with a dedicated portal namely JustCoding to develop and enhance the coding and tinkering skills amongst the underprivileged school students. The students now have this wonderful opportunity to explore their creativity by learning the nitty-gritty of 3D model designing.

During the academic year 2020-21, to the students' liking, they learned about mobile app creation which they were able to practice on their own by developing new applications. This virtual session was truly inspiring for the younger students.

STEM Learning proudly installed two Tinker Labs in Maharashtra and Bihar during the 2020-21 academic year which not only aided the faculty, but also benefited the students to increase their technological knowledge.

Our sole purpose is to provide a platform for the leaders of tomorrow by building their brains beyond books!


STEM Learning has been organizing ‘Do It Yourself Model Making Events’ in schools for many years. During this yearly mega-event, students explore dozens of games and activities, many of which are STEM-related in their own right. To our surprise, the students never run out of unique ideas for terrific STEM learning adventures.

The academic year 2020-21 was no different, barring the adverse circumstances around us. Yet, against all odds, STEM Learning conducted its ‘Do It Yourself Model Making Event 2021’ pretty successfully. We conduct such events to bring out the creative best of the young minds and to further broaden their horizons.

This amazingly popular event witnessed active participation from many schools across the country. These young and spirited students were taught different types of ‘Do It Yourself Models’ by our team, and were later asked to replicate them without any external assistance.

States = 12

Cities = 35

Schools = 122

Students = 1718


E-PRERNA is a well-thought-out virtual Program to Reach, Educate, Raise, Nurture and Aid the students of underprivileged schools across the country. Children diligently listen to narratives, as it embraces their imagination ability to a greater extent and keeps them engaged. E-PRERNA is a highly unique way for students to understand any STEM topic thoroughly.

During the academic year 2020-21, E-PRERNA witnessed a good amount of active participation from volunteers, who gladly spend hours of volunteering which truly demonstrates how anyone can be the difference, and bring smiles on the faces of these deserving students. This novel attempt by STEM Learning helped the students a great deal, in terms of upskilling their STEAM focus.


National STEM Program is a nationwide STEM program, exclusively organized by STEM Learning, to raise curiosity, innovation, and design thinking amongst underprivileged school students. The National STEM Program was ideated by us not just to build their interest in STEM subjects, but also to develop confidence amongst them, so that they are future-ready once they step out of their academic life.

For the academic year 2020-21, in the face of the pandemic and its obvious challenges, to ensure that the students' minds were kept truly ignited, we adopted the changing learning environment through virtual competitions. Interestingly, this year’s vibrant virtual program consisted of Science and Maths Model Competitions, Tech Quiz, and Engineering Tinkering.

It is our mission at STEM Learning to upgrade STEM Education across all underprivileged schools in the country, and thus provide a holistic learning environment to the deserving students.


STEM Learning installed numerous Mini Science Centres in the government-aided underprivileged schools all across the country, giving access to hundreds of teachers to take advantage of the state-of-the-art centers. This excellent initiative by us allowed the teachers to make use of the innovative plug and play exhibits to explain the usually complex science and maths topics with a greater ease.

For the academic year 2020-21, during the physical school days, the teachers had the opportunity to maximize the use of the Mini Science Centres, while the students also got the advantage of laying their hands on those creative exhibits, thereby, getting a higher understanding of the relevant topics.

Not only this, even during the pandemic, the teachers relentlessly kept on taking online classes with the help of the same science exhibits installed by STEM Learning. The teachers utilized the relevant MSC exhibits, recorded their lectures, explained the topic in detail using the relevant models, and shared it amongst various students and parents WhatsApp groups, so that many students can take advantage of these lectures.

Learning has no language barrier. Just imagine, you are being taught science and maths subjects, with some of the latest hi-tech study materials, and in your regional language. It will excite you to no end! This is exactly what happened with these students from the remotest areas across the country. These innovative learning practices re-invented their love towards science.