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Leaders in installing Mini Science Centres

Teach Science and Maths with fun by implementing innovative Mini Science Centre in schools, with India's leading educational partner STEM Learning

Our Mini Science Centre (MSC) is innovative and interactive with a hands-on approach to teach the concepts of Science and Math. This modern way of teaching not only helps students to understand the concepts easily but also to implement them for the progress of the society. We are India’s only company who is providing such Mini Science Centre.

Each Science Centre consists of 75 table-top working Science models which are informative, easy to grasp and have in-depth manuals (available in English and four other regional languages). MSCs help students learn difficult scientific and mathematical concepts with ease. MSCs Plug & Play models and actually observing concepts, which are often only read in books, ignites the children’s inquisitiveness, thus resulting in engagement. The school takes care of the MSCs after they have been successfully set-up. Also, they are presented according to the syllabus for SSC, ICSE and CBSE style-based boards.

Mini Science Centre

Easy to Install

Easy to Use

Easy to Learn

Easy to Teach


    Pioneer in installing Mini Science Centres

    Designed by renowned scientists and educationist in India.

    Designed for students of class 5 to 10 of CBSE, ICSE and SSC Boards 

    The models/exhibits can be carried to classroom for demonstrations of science concepts & theories.

    Set up 80+ Mini Science Centres in schools across rural & urban Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Goa, Bangalore, Chennai,       Chhattisgarh

    100+ plug and play models explaining more than 200 Science and Maths concepts.

    1700+ Mini Science Centres (MSC) installed in India so far

    Total students reached: 1Million+

    It helps the students understand difficult scienctific and mathematical concepts with ease.

    Effective teaching time reduced by 50% to 60%.

    15% increase inaptitide & inquisitiveness in students.

    The ultimate aim is pedagogy transformation that includes capacity building of teachers through Teacher Training            Programmes.

    Encourages peer to peer learning.

    Complete ownership of Mini Science Centre lies with school from day one.

Our Science Models

Pulley Block

Organ Pipes

Wheel and Axel

Chain Reaction

Reflection and Trasmission


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