Stem Learning

Benefits For Teachers

This way of teaching not only helps students comprehend the concepts and their applications easily, but also helps in implementing it for the progress of the society as the students will be equipped with the required knowledge and skills for life. In India we have already trained over 8000+ teachers from 1900+ schools.

Some of the benefits for teachers are

  • With the installation of Mini Science Centre teachers have been finding it really easy to teach science and maths conceptswith the help of plug and play exhibits as students find it a more interesting and interactive way of learning
  • During the training sessions, teachers are instructed about arranging the exhibits as per the syllabus and present the different types of theories that are associated with the exhibits
  • More than 175 concepts pertaining to science and maths subjects can be easily taught to different classes as per the difficulty levels
  • These exhibits are easy to carry and thus they can be carried to the classrooms so that there is no impediment while teaching students
  • It has also been constantly noticed that since the teachers can connect easily with students with these exhibits, their teaching time is reduced by 50 - 60%
  • A transformation in teaching pedagogy can be witnessed as the teaching process has become more hands on and effective
  • The refresher training helps teachers become more empowered as they can let go of any inhibitions and are able to understand the working of any exhibit they have not been able to operate till then
  • These trainings are basically meant to make sure that the teachers are not facing any difficulty while teaching students with the help of the exhibits and they find the exhibits easy to use themselves
  • Since the exhibits are hands on, the students also start teaching other students leading to peer to peer learning. Therefore, it saves time and energy of teachers
  • There are no operational costs involved
  • During Parent- Teacher Meetings, the teachers can ask the parents to explore the MSC , thus developing a trust among the parents that their children are learning the right way- since seeing is believing!
  • With the interest levels rising among students, the scores in these subjects are also bound to increase which is replete with appreciation and recommendation of the teachers and the school
  • The teachers as well as students of these schools can easily win laurels in competitions related to STEM knowledge as the subjects are ingrained. There is no doubt that teachers are the ones who get credit for the wonderful achievements of their students
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