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Types of CSR Strategy & Sustainability

A holistic perspective in education!
stemlearning is ‘Building Brains Beyond Books’ by inculcating a love of learning among students. In the pursuit of achieving this mission, STEM has been uprooting the outdated ways of learning and sowing seeds of interactive means of learning.

Have you ever seen a child sit with an academic book for hours on end? We bet you haven’t. And even if you claim you have, the chances of the child day dreaming or having lost interest is quite high. So, why does this happen? Well, children have a short attention span which grows with age. And rote learning is simply criminal, especially, when the aim of education is to learn and grow. If the memorising capacity of the child being tested. Then this traditional approach makes sense. But if learning is the outcome then we stand by the progressive methods for an in-depth learning experience.

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Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility

We, at stemlearning propagate a holistic perspective in education through our various CSR solutions. While the philosophy of holism is characterized by the belief that parts are integrated and interconnected to make a whole and the whole is more than the sum of its parts. So, we achieve a comprehensive approach through our impact of csr solutions of Mini Science Center Volunteering Program, Model Making, Scientist Lectures and Tinkering Lab. While students engage in these activity based learning opportunities, they learn and grow while enjoying the process of learning

We’ve seen students spend hours with the MSC exhibits, they explore, ask question, think, apply what they’ve learnt to create solutions during Model Making, listen to scientists, inspect possibilities, interact with volunteers from the industry and get an understanding of the current realities. Students who have been learning through our CSR solutions are budding inventors who aspire to become future entrepreneurs.

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