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STEM Learning’s CSR Program Implementation details from Jammu & Kashmir region


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The literacy rate in Jammu & Kashmir is 67.16% and the population is 1.25 crores as per 2011 population census (source: www.census2011.co.in). To keep up with the growing population and to meet their literacy needs, STEM has partnered with Corporates such as Lupin and Kokuyo Camlin to reform the pedagogy approach in government schools of Jammu & Kashmir.

The sustainable solutions of STEM Learning ensure a lasting impact. The concepts learnt by students in the classrooms with the help of the MSC exhibits stay with the students. It has been noticed that students who learn by understanding tend to retain information easily. On understanding the science and math concepts students share that information with their peers. When their peers miss a class, students have been proactive in dispensing knowledge to their peers. Students do not only understand the concepts easily with the MSC exhibits but also feel confident in their abilities to share the knowledge they’ve acquired.

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Along with the partners the STEM CSR project has been implemented in 4 schools in the cities and districts of Behani, Samba, Rehain and Ghagwal. STEM Learning Mini Science Centres Mini Science Centres have now reached 23 states of India. A quality STEM program helps students to gain the skills required to succeed in today's challenging world. This includes the ability to think critically, solve complex problems and drive advancements in science and technology.

Students collaborate to explore and learn various topics. And while they interact with each other, interdependence is seen among students. These models can be carried to the classroom and it makes it easier for many teachers to have access to various models simultaneously. Since they are built keeping in mind the concepts learnt by students of classes 5th to 10th, they are a prerequisite in schools. While exploring MSCs students collaborate and learn various topics. And while they interact with each other, interdependence is seen among students. The plug and play models cover 80 concepts.

Students today need to have an immersive learning experience where they can see, touch, explore, and MSC fulfils this gap between the need of the students and the reality of the education system. These models facilitate a kinesthetic learning approach which is a hands-on learning experience. With the help of these exhibits, 234 students are confident in their abilities and as a result peer-to-peer learning is seen among students which denote that MSC models empower students to become independent learners.

8 teachers have been empowered by the ‘Teachers Training Program’ in Jammu & Kashmir. Use of the MSC exhibits reforms the pedagogy in schools. Teachers have gained confidence in the potential of utilizing learning aids to teach students as well as students are able to understand tough concepts easily. Teachers are enthusiastically using the MSC models and the results are phenomenal. The teaching time has been reduced and the curiosity of the students has gone up.

The mountain terrain has not stopped the students from receiving a holistic education. STEM Learning inspired education leads to explorative thinking and a problem-solving mindset that, in effect, contributes to potential innovators, designers, strategic thinkers, scientists and partners.

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