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STEM Learning’s CSR Program Implementation details from Goa region


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STEM Learning’s Mini Science Centres (MSCs) have now reached 23 states of India including 8 Districts of Goa with the support of our 6 partners Lupin Foudation, Seva Sahayog, Seva Sahayog-GlobeOp, Cipla Foundation, Pfizer Goa and Pfizer Goa – IAHV, STEM Learning has installed MSCs in Goa. As per www.census2011.co.in the population of Goa is 14.59 lacs and the literacy rate is 88.70 percent. The Goa government aims to provide opportunities by imparting education to the society. STEM Learning stands with Goa government in its endeavour to promote & improve the quality of education in the state.

These exhibits can be carried to the classroom and it makes it easier for many teachers to have access to various models simultaneously. The sustainable solutions of STEM Learning ensure a lasting impact. The concepts learnt by students in the classrooms with the help of the MSC exhibits stay with the students. It has been noticed that students who learn by understanding tend to retain information easily. 4342 students experienced the revolutionary education through MSC exhibits . With the help of these exhibits, students are confident in their abilities and as a result peer-to-peer learning is seen among students which denote that MSC models empower students to become independent learners. Exhibits are light to carry, easy to use and enable a fun learning experience. These models facilitate a kinesthetic learning approach which provides a hands-on learning experience.

MSC models stimulate a proactive learning approach and propagate a tactile learning experience of the science and math concepts introduced in classrooms. One MSC is installed in a school which contains 80 table top models. These models can be carried to the classroom and it makes it easier for many teachers to have access to various models simultaneously. Since they are built keeping in mind the concepts learnt by students of classes 5th to 10th, they are a prerequisite in schools.

59 teachers have benefitted from the plug and play models have brought a wave of pedagogical reformation in the government schools. The exhibits are light in weight and can be easily carried to classrooms. The teachers utilize these models to simplify and explain various science and math concepts and theories. The thorough ‘Teacher Training Programs’ guide the teachers to use the exhibits to their advantage. The teaching time has also been reduced by 50-60 percent. This modern way of teaching not only helps students comprehend the concepts and their applications easily, but also helps in implementing them for the progress of the society. STEM Learning is the implementing partner for the installation of Mini Science Centres (MSCs).

The positive impact of the practical learning was showcased during the National STEM Awards 2020 held in Bengaluru where 3 schools from Goa participated to display their STEM Skills. This competition was held at the district/city level, zonal level and national level over a period of 2 months. Quiz competiton, Model Making competition and Tinkering were the three competitions in which the students participated. These students proved that when given a chance, they will shine to become STEM Champs of tomorrow.

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