Mini Science Centre Models


S.NOModel NameDescription
1Constellation viewerIdentification and study of Indian constellations about constellations stars pattern
2Newton’s discWhite light is made up of 7 colors (VIBGYOR). Splitting of white light
3Colour shadowCombination of colour lights, additive mixture of colour, primary colour.
4Periscopeapplication of laws of reflection. Angle of incidence and angle of reflection.
5KaleidoscopeMultiple reflection, symmetric images & pattern due to reflection
6Laws of ReflectionMultiple reflection, symmetric images & pattern due to reflection
7Corner mirrorMultiple reflection with image formula (N=360/A – 1) Angled mirrors
Infinity wellMultiple reflections with image formation in parallel mirrors
9Magic water tapeOptical illusion, refractive index of medium, refraction.
10Total internal reflectionTotal internal reflection, bending of light ray & optical fibre.
11Fun with magnetsTypes of magnets, magnetic field and properties of field lines.
12Law of inertiaNewton’s first law, inertia is opposing change in state of rest
13Circle and ballNewton’s first law, inertia is opposing change in motion, centripetal force.
14Action and reactionNewton’s 3rd law of motion, for every action there is equal reaction
15Parrot in the cagePersistence of vision, frames per second, the basic concept of animation.
16ZoetropePersistence of vision, frames per second, the basic concept of motion picture.
17Pin screenPressure inverse relation of pressure area representation of pixels.
18Floating ballBernoulli’s principle, pressure difference and lift
19Floating fanBernoulli’s principle, air pressure difference.
20TornadoAtmospheric disturbances, currents, storms, vortex of wind.
21Hand pumpApplication of pressure to pump water, pressure – volume relation
22Anamorphperspective, viewpoints illusion and graphical projection
23Floating magnetsProperties of magnet, attraction in opposite poles and repulsion in like poles.
24Magnetic field tube & immiscible fluidMagnetic field and properties of magnets, Density of liquid.
25Moment of inertiaMoment of inertia, rotational inertia, distribution of mass.
26Lazy tubeMagnetic field and forces, eddy current, Lenz law.
27HyperbolaConic sections, shape of hyperbola.
28Magnetic effect of electric currentMagnetism magnetic effects of electric current, compass deflection, oesterd’s experiment.
29Pythagoras model &moire patternPythagoras theorem and interference of light
30Elliptical carrom boardConic sections, properties of ellipse.
31Two congruent right trianglesComparison of area of different geometric shapes, congruent shapes.
32Area of circleSimple illustration of derivation of area of circle
33(a+b)²= a²+b²+2abGeometric illustration of basic algebraic identity
34(a+b+c)²= a²+b²+c²+2ab +2bc+2caGeometric illustration of basic algebraic identity
35a²-b² = (a+b)x(a-b)Geometric illustration of basic algebraic identity.
36Sum of the angles of a triangleElementary theorem of math, “sum of all three angles of any triangle = 180° linear pair.
37TangramInteresting tiling puzzle, basic geometric shapes.
38Parking puzzleMathematical logic algorithm brain teaser
39Organ pipesSound of different frequencies and wavelengths, musical notes.
40Area of RhombusSimple illustration of derivation of area of Rhombus
41Transverse wave pendulumMechanical wave Basic concepts of transverse wave. Actual Representation of vibrating particles and propagating wave.
42Area of triangleSimple illustration of derivation of Area of Triangle
43Area of ParallelogramSimple illustration of derivation of area of parallelogram
44Coupled PendulumResonant frequency. The resonant frequency depends on the pendulum’s length. Longer pendulums have lower frequencies.
45Solar lightConversion of solar energy into electricity. Application of renewable energy sources. Solar panel, semiconductors
46Wind MillWorking of wind mill. Conversion of wind energy into electricity
47Shape of earth due to rotation-Shape of earth Rotational force Centrifugal force
48KE PE TrackConversion of energy. Potential and Kinetic energy
49Loop the LoopConservation of energy. The minimum speed necessary to complete the loop without falling.
50Rope PuzzleLogic and Mathematical shapes study of surfaces.
51Refraction CylinderRefraction of light Alphabet symmetry
52Newton’s CradleConservation of energy, conservation of momentum and friction
53Reflection TransmissionApplication 0of laws of reflection and Transmission of light.
54Hand BatteryElectric Potential difference, Electric battery, and Chemical effect of electric current.
55T PuzzleBrain Teaser Tiling Puzzle.
56Cone Run UphillCentre of mass. Centre of gravity. Gravitation, Stability of structure.
57Tower of PisaCenter of mass, Centre of gravity, Gravitation, Stability of structure
58LeverSimple Machines Lever, Type of lever
59Pulley BlockPulley-simple machine Combination of pulley, Mechanical Advantage
60Wheel and AxleHow it is easy to rotate wheel when force is applied at a point distant from center
61Heat AbsorptionBlack Body, Heat Absorption and Reflection, Colour Temperature
62Conductors and insulatorsElectrical Types of conductor and insulator.
63Viscosity TubeBuoyancy, viscosity, Density.
64Rock and MineralsDifferent types of rock and mineral samples, Difference between them
65DNADouble helix structure of DNA, A-T and G-C pairs
66Lateral ShiftRefraction of light, deviation in path
67Force & types of frictionFriction speed due to surface texture, Rolling Friction
68Funny mirrorsDistorted mirror, Convex and Concave mirrors.
69Marble SlideConservation of momentum
70ResonanceFrequency and length of object, resonating frequency.
71Weight IllusionWeight Illusion Volume and Density
72Area of TrapeziumArea of trapezium using parallelogram
73Sum of angles of QuadrilateralSum of angles of Quadrilateral Complete angle.
74(A+B)^2-(A-B)^2=4AB-Geometric illustration of basic algebraic identity
75Electric bellElectric Circuit, Electromagnet and magnetic effects of current
76Human TorsoHuman Body Anatomy Organs Functions of Body parts.
77Ear & EyeSense organs Functions of body parts vision Hearing
78Human JointsTypes of joint in human body Bones and ligaments.
79Plant CellEukaryotic cells Difference between cells parts of cell.
80Animal CellDifference between cells, Parts of cell.