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STEM Learning’s CSR Program Implementation details from Jharkhand region


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Jharkhand has seen an upward trend in the literacy rate and is 66.41 percent as per 2011 population census (source: www.census2011.co.in). According to reports, there are huge disparities in literacy in the plateau region while the plain area has low disparities. STEM Learning stands with Jharkhand government in its endeavour to promote & improve the quality of education in the state. Setting out to fulfil this mission STEM Learning has installed Mini Science Centres (MSCs) in 20 schools of Jharkhand with the help of its CSR partners. STEM Learning inspired education leads to explorative thinking and a problem-solving mindset that, in effect, contributes to potential innovators, designers, strategic thinkers, scientists and partners.

While exploring MSCs students collaborate and learn various topics. And while they interact with each other, interdependence is seen among students. The plug and play models cover 80 concepts from 5th to 10th standards. Not only do the students learn through a hands-on approach but since they are aligned to the syllabus they can grasp the concept easily and this replaces rote learning. The schools in the cities and districts of Jharkhand namely Ranchi, Lohardaga, Gumla and Koderma have experienced a hands-on revolutionary learning style with the help of the MSC exhibits.

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Edique and HDFC have supported the CSR implementation of MSCs in 20 schools of Jharkhand. This education reformation has benefitted 8,000 students. Through the Employee Volunteering Program the Corporates encourage employees to actively get involved with the school children. Various quiz competitions relating to their curriculum and informative career guidance sessions are conducted by the employees who are also trained for this program. This sensitizes the employees to the current reality of society and as they actively engage in making a difference they are transformed in the process.

The sustainable solutions of STEM Learning ensure a lasting impact. The concepts learnt by students in the classrooms with the help of the MSC exhibits stay with the students. It has been noticed that students who learn by understanding tend to retain information easily. On understanding the science and math concepts students share that information with their peers. When their peers miss a class, students have been proactive in dispensing knowledge to their peers. Students do not only understand the concepts easily with the MSC exhibits but also feel confident in their abilities to share the knowledge they’ve acquired.

80 teachers have been empowered by the ‘Teachers Training Program’ in Jharkhand. Use of the MSC exhibits reforms the pedagogy in schools. Teachers have gained confidence in the potential of utilizing learning aids to teach students as well as students are able to understand tough concepts easily. These models can be carried to the classroom and it makes it easier for many teachers to have access to various models simultaneously. Since they are built keeping in mind the concepts learnt by students of classes 5th to 10th, they are a prerequisite in schools.

MSCs are reforming the pedagogical approach because they the old ways of teaching are not feasible for the younger generation. Students today need to have an immersive learning experience where they can see, touch, explore, and MSC fulfils this gap between the need of the students and the reality of the education system.

The phenomenal results of using learning aids in classrooms have been witnessed by students in the state of Jharkhand. The positive impact of this practical learning was showcased during the National STEM Awards 2020 where 3 schools from Jharkhand participated to display their STEM Skills. These students proved that when given a chance, they will shine to become STEM Champs of tomorrow. STEM Learning has successfully transformed schools in 23 states of India.

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