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Stem Learning In India

Building a scientific temper brick by brick!

Subjects such as science and mathematics have been feared in India since a long time. The future is going to be about Digitalization and Automation. And since, science and mathematics are the foundation for prospering in these lucrative fields. Students need to befriend these crucial subjects from a young age. Since, 2011 STEM Learning has been actively providing solutions across India. CSR Activities of Indian companies is supported by STEM. With its presence in 23 states, STEM has been supporting students to learn science and mathematics through the Mini Science Centres installed in schools. The students in these 240 districts now have a strong hold on the subjects which were once feared.

STEM believes that the key lies in introducing students to these subjects from standard 5th onwards in an interactive way so that students proactively engage and learn. MSCs have proved to be the perfect accompaniment for learning science and maths in schools for students of standard 5th to 10th. With over 1 million students across 1900 schools having experienced its impact, STEM continues to ignite young minds. 8000 teachers have been trained through the ‘Teacher Training Programs’ and the refresher trainings held. Even in challenging times during the pandemic, students have been accessing our online platforms to keep fuelling the drive of learning.

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STEM stands with the students during this crucial time in developing the scientific and mathematical temper among students especially since schools have been shut. Education disruption is experienced in all schools across all age group. ‘Education disruption impacts our readiness for the future and also has huge economic and lifestyle costs’ (Source: https://www.indiatoday.in/education-today/featurephilia/story/how-is-the-covid-19-pandemic-affecting-education-all-over-the-world-1664380-2020-04-07).

Various online platforms present students with access to an array of information. But it’s not about the quantity but the quality of education provided to students in the best possible approach. STEM Learning has been working relentlessly in supporting students to receive a top-notch education and in doing so has succeeded in replacing the fear of science and mathematics with a love of learning and applying the learnt concepts.

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