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Central Region

Madhya Pradesh

STEM Learning has partnered with Fullerton, GAIL, HDFC Bank, Hindalco, Hindustan Power, Lupin Foundation and Reliance to install MSCs in 28 schools of Madhya Pradesh. STEM Learning works with companies and develops creative initiatives to make sure that its objectives have the greatest impact when needed. STEM Learning seeks to establish viable, long-term and successful CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs in the area of education. The cities and districts of Raisen, Raghogarh, Guna, Ruthiyai, Hoshangabad, Khargone, Sagar, Singrauli, Anuppur, Dhar and Shahdol have experienced reformation in education. Read More…


stemlearning is the CSR implementation partner of Mini Science Centres (MSCs) across India. Chhattisgarh is one of the newest states of India, formed at the end of the year 2000. However, due to the constant efforts by the government, the education system has recorded an impressive literacy rate. MSCs aim to reduce the gap between contextual and rote based learning, and replace it with a practical approach, which will equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to get lucrative opportunities in their field of interest. It aims to clear the fundamental concepts of STEM disciplines, so that the learners can opt for their higher studies and beyond. Read More…

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