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My 5 Favourite MSC Exhibits

Mini Science Centre

From the name ‘Mini Science Centre’ (MSC) we can come to that it is a science centre where students have access to the exhibits where they can enjoy learning science and math concepts easily and gain practical knowledge. All the Mini Science Centre exhibits are hands

on table top and non-hazardous models. All models are built with Plug and Play concepts.

Few Exhibits I Like:

  1. Floating Magnet: Floating magnet exhibits is one of my favourite MSC exhibits. Through this exhibit we can learn the concept of poles in magnet and the properties of attraction and repulsion. It is simple in construction and very easy to handle.
  1. Infinity Tunnel: It is one of the attractive models in MSC. This exhibit explains the concept of multiple reflection and infinite image formation. The construction of the model has two mirrors in front and back, and has a LED strip as an object. When we switch on the power supply to LED strip, due to the concept of multiple reflection, infinite images of the LED strip are formed. Since it looks like a tunnel the exhibit is named as Infinity tunnel.
  1. Magic Water Tap: It is an illusion exhibit and my favourite one. We can learn the concept of pump mechanism through this exhibit. It is a visual treat for all.
  1. Pythagoras Theorem: It is a math exhibit through which we can easily learn the Pythagoras theorem just by inverting the model. The construction of the exhibit is very simple but it covers a critical theorem in mathematics.
  1. Simple Machines: There are 3 simple machine exhibits in our MSC. They are:
  1. Wheel and Axle      
  2. Levers
  3. Pulley blocks

All these 3 simple machine exhibits are easy to operate and learn the concept.

Thinesh Siva

About Author: Thinesh Siva has a total work experience of 1.2 years in STEM Learning Pvt. Ltd. as a Program Implementation Associate.

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