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Peer To Peer Learning In Schools With MSC

What is Peer to Peer Learning?

It is the way of sharing knowledge between the people of the same age group. Peer Learning is an educational practice where students interact with other students and learn from each other to attain their educational goals.

Why Are The Benefits Of Peer Learning?

Peer to Peer Learning method is very effective in knowledge sharing. Since learners (students) with similar experiences and doubts share the knowledge with each other this would encourage them to think, learn and solve their doubts. This interaction will also develop a healthy friendship between the students. The world famous Tamil poet Thiruvallur states the importance of Peer to Peer Learning in his phenomenal literary work “Thirukural” as

MSC Encourages Peer To Peer Learning

All our MSC models are built as Plug and Play models. Since they are hands-on table top models, students can easily carry them and utilize them. By using MSC models students gain the practical knowledge of the concepts and develop their own innovative ideas. Students share their innovative ideas with each other which results in the new experimental models and development of their innovative skills.


The knowledge one has will be recognized only if it is shared to others. Thus, Peer Learning method is necessary and most effective in educational practices.

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About Author: Thinesh Siva has a total work experience of 1.2 years in STEM Learning Pvt. Ltd. as a Program Implementation Associate.

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