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Mini Science Centre: Complete School Level STEM Education

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STEM education is where students learn hands on activity for science and mathematics subjects to create the scientific temper inside the students. Programs outside of school can help children to see that STEM is more than a class to finish. In 21st century, to succeed and survive in highly informative and technological society, students have […]

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STEM Education – Innovate today for a better tomorrow

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The need to improve STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education is critical. That’s why supports STEM LEARNING programs that help to transform the lives of young people and encourage the development of future leaders in STEM fields. Find out more about how STEM Learning is expanding STEM Education in India by visiting https://www.youtube.com/watch?edufilter=NULL&v=gprS8AjIEzA The […]


The Microwave

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With the end of World War II, the Raytheon engineer was looking for other uses for the magnetron, which generated the microwaves for radar systems.