Krishna MIshra

Advantages of Keeping a Diary

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A diary is a book kept to record daily events or a person’s thoughts and Impressions. A diary can be a useful aid to memory. If a person is in the habit of forgetting his appointments, or something that he is supposed to get or do, there is nothing better than to jot these down […]

Suraj Chopade

A Business Trip Turns Into A Picnic

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I love trips. I believe the best way to hang out with your friends is over food. Not everyone finds their best friends at the work place and not everyone gets a chance to go out on business trips with them. It was the first time my friends at work, Rahul, Gayatri, Sayali and I […]


Friend At STEM

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We have many friends in our school, college and in our surrounding area. But it rarely happens that a person from the same college who was not a friend back