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Bernoulli’s Principle And Real World Examples

In fluid dynamics, Bernoulli principle states that, ” an increase in the speed of a fluid occurs simultaneously with a decrease in static pressure or a decrease in the fluid’s potential energy. “

In simple terms, as the speed increases the pressure decreases. Generally higher pressure always pushes fluid towards lower pressure areas. So any change in fluid’s speed must be matched with the change in pressure as well.

Bernoulli noticed that while the fluid moved more quickly in the smaller part of the tube, the pressure became less. Similarly when tube width increased the speed decreased and the pressure became more.

In real world we can give numerous examples of Bernoulli’s principle being applied:

  • When a truck moves very fast, it created a low pressure area, so dusts are being pulled along in the low pressure area.
  • If we stand very close to railway track in the platform, when a fast train passes us, we get pulled towards the track because of the low pressure area generated by the sheer speed of the train.
  • Flights makers also use Bernoulli’s Principle very well to adjust the pressure level in the wings and fuselage to make the flight balance in the air. Without proper use of Bernoulli’s principle the flight body will break in higher speed.
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