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Mini Science Centre – Mugging up to Understanding Concepts

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I as a STEM representative have been visiting schools as part of my job requirements and one such school visit which changed my outlook towards the program was the visit to Government Girls High School Near Charminar. It is my usual practice that when I visit schools, I just don’t restrict my conversation with teachers […]

Aquib Amir

National Stem Awards : My Basic Role and Experience

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National Stem Awards (NSA) gave me immense opportunity from the diverse experience. I got opportunity which include arranging events to interacting with teachers and students from extensively diverse background. I was stationed in Rajasthan with my friend colleague Aman to execute the NSA. Aman was very supportive throughout the journey of NSA. I got immense […]


Importance of STEM Education

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STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These are important things that students should learn and adapt.

Tejaswi Bishen

National STEM Awards

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The award is organized once a year by STEM Learning, in which children from all states across the country participate. This award is one of a kind in India