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National STEM Awards

What is National STEM Awards – The award is organized once a year by STEM Learning, in which children from all states across the country participate. This award is one of a kind in India which is based on science, mathematics, technology, and engineering?

National STEM Awards – The main objective of this competition is to provide a platform for students to display their talents and projects. In this competition, most students are from schools in the rural areas. Organized by STEM Learning, the competition is announced at all the selected schools. To participate in this national level competition, the children of the schools participate extensively, this competition is mainly divided into 3 parts, and the students who are interested participate accordingly.

This competition has 3 levels:

  1. District Or City Level Competition – This is the primary level, in which children from the nominated schools participate and the children who win in this competition are selected for the zone level.
  • Zone Level Competition – Students who are selected from the district level participate in the zonal round. There are 4 zones in India.
  • National Level Competition – This is the highest level of competition, in this level, the children who are selected from the zone level participate. It is held in any major city of the country.

In this competition, the teams of children who win at different levels are given a recommended price. And all students are also given certificates.

There are 3 types of competitions:

  1. Model Making Competition – In this competition, students are given appropriate materials along with the task so that they can prepare the model from that material.
  2. Tinkering – In this type of competition, children are given tinkering materials and laptops so that they can complete this task.
  3. Quiz – Children are asked questions in this competition.

In all these types of competitions, the children participate in teams which lead to teamwork among the children. STEM Learning provides the required materials free of charge to all participants. In this competition, we make sure that students and teachers do not face any problems.

Our Success Stories – STEM National Awards 2020

Children and teachers of selected schools from 12 states participated in this award organized by us and made this program a success.

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About Author: Tejaswi Bisen has a total work experience of 4.11 years in the corporate world. He is a Program Implementation Associate and has been working with STEM Learning for the last 1.11 years.

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