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National Stem Awards : My Basic Role and Experience

National Stem Awards (NSA) gave me immense opportunity from the diverse experience. I got opportunity which include arranging events to interacting with teachers and students from extensively diverse background. I was stationed in Rajasthan with my friend colleague Aman to execute the NSA. Aman was very supportive throughout the journey of NSA.

I got immense support from the participating school teachers as well as the hosting school teachers and children. The children participated with great competitive spirit and i have seen children breaking down when loosing competition. Since this NSA was one of a kind event happening first time in government schools in which mostly underprivileged children participated. During the event sometime i got stressed but at the end of the day when i see the smiling face of children i felt relieved.

Aquib Amir

About Author: Aquib Amir has a total work experience of 7 months in STEM Learning. He is a STEM Educator.

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