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Teacher Training Program

Teacher Training Program

The Teacher Training Program involves STEM trainers for training the teachers of the schools to use Science and Math models in an effective and highly interactive manner. This marks a new beginning as they are introduced to a new system altogether.

We are on a mission to empower teachers from underprivileged school by providing them easy teaching aids with STEM Mini Science Centre, We aim to bridge the gap between textbook knowledge and practical learning of scienc

Teachers are trained to arrange the models as per the syllabus and present the different types of theories that are associated with the models from classes five through ten.

Furthermore, STEM Learning stays in touch with the teachers, providing help and support to them whenever needed. Follow-up visits are conducted in the schools to help teachers clear any doubts that they might have regarding the models or procedure. We provide support through telephones and practice videos which motivates and encourages them to give their best while teaching.


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