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Mini Science Centre: Journey Of 3 Students From Rural Area To Win Science Competition

It’s the story of 3 students form Koderma district Jharkhand who won 2nd prize in zonal level National Stem Awards competition.

Koderma is a mining district in Jharkhand. Though from user point of view it should be a well developed area, but this place is very rural and the government schools lack the modern facilities provided by many other industrial areas of India.

In this city Stem Learning established 10 mini science centres in cooperation with HDFC and started training teachers and students to become more attracted towards science education. One such school is MS Kharkota school. The school comprises of poor class students who try really hard to stay afloat in the competitive education field being introduced throughout India. By the cooperation of it’s Headmaster Mr Gobardhan Yadav and teacher Dwarika Yadav they have improved a lot.

In year 2020 February month, Stem Learning organized National Science awards all over India where students participated from all over India. In the cluster round of competition the students of MS Kharkota performed really well and qualified for the zonal round. The zonal round was held in Kolkata and surprising they won 2nd prize in the most technological different round of Tinkering. Though they had never experienced such competition, they participated and won.

It is a matter of pride that being from such rural areas they still managed to beat the competitors fr very well established schools. The students names are :


They were awarded by stem learning for their great effort and the teachers were very proud of them. It’s also a matter of pride for STEM Learning because their main goal was to empower rural underprivileged children which was achieved completely.

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