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Teachers Training Program I Teachers Development Program

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STEM learning Pvt Ltd is social enterprises focusing on Building brains beyond books and to make learning more interesting. We set up a Mini Science Center in school which come up with 80 table top fun loving model and it helps to learn science and math’s concept.

What is Teachers Training Program?

After the installation of Mini Science Center in school we conduct the TTP i.e. Teachers training Program. Program Implementation Associate (PIA) conducts this training at school within 10 to 15 days of installation. PIA is well trained person to conduct this training, in this training all model will explained to teachers with science fact behind this models, also information regarding next activities of. Training is conducted in two phases, in first phase trainer gives introduction about company, motto, agenda of the training and explain some models with science concepts and their real life examples.

In second is starts after the lunch break. In this phase there is activity called peer to peer learning method. Teachers need to choose any 1 or 2 model of Mini Science center and explained to their fellow teachers. This practice made teachers more familiar to modes. During the training teachers are free to ask any question regarding models or science concepts. Teachers can handle the models, they can have open discussion about science concepts this all are the method of knowledge sharing. During training trainer conduct activities to make all training more enjoyable. After the training teacher can use this model in their regular scheduled lectures.


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