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A Teacher’s First Hand Experience of the Mini Science Centre

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Have you always felt the need to make students understand better? To somehow make textual knowledge more explanatory so that they can easily register difficult subjects like science and maths? However, the lack of time doesn’t let us do it, right? We know we can make lessons easier for students but the constant pressure of completing the syllabus on time sometimes makes us rush through the chapters. I, being a science teacher, have felt this quite a lot of times and have always wished if I could have somehow done more to make students understand better- but had been unable to do…but now I can!

Almost a month ago, we teachers were informed by our Principal about the installation of a Mini Science Centre which will have science and maths models in it. We were informed that we will have to undergo training programs and that will make teaching science and maths easy and fast for us. Of course, we were a bit nervous as well as excited about a whole new system being placed. We were not sure if we would be able to understand it ourselves, let alone handling the models with the fear of breaking them!

However, all our fears came to a rest when we were provided with the training- the 80 models were so easy to use and explain. We could use the models in the Mini Science Centre/ MSC as well as in classrooms, which led to a continuation in our teaching and the students were excited too as they could explore the models and understand more easily. This was the hands on teaching method we had always been reading or listening about. We did not have to worry about even the students who take time to understand concepts or whose performance was a little slow in class because now even they had a unique opportunity to explore and learn themselves, in a fun way.

This new pedagogical teaching approach has helped teachers like me not just connect more with teachers, but also help students perform better. Our lectures are more effective now and the students are also more attentive since they can see the concepts being explained with real life examples.

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