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“The Mini Science Centre Answered All Our How’s & Why’s,” Rahul, 14-Year-Old Student

Hey Everybody,

I am Rahul and I’m 14 years old. I study in the 9th standard.

Well I am sure that like me, all other students in my age are also worried about the Board exams scheduled next year. The parents keep reminding us about them, the teachers keep on telling us to study harder as the Boards will decide our future. However, my problem was that even though I tried my best, I could not understand science and maths concepts because they are too hard. Although the teachers tried their best, but still me and few of my other friends just could not understand the how’s and why’s of the concepts so it became very difficult for us.

And then suddenly one day we were told that there was a new Mini Science Centre installed in our school. Science Centre! That made us all squeal with pleasure as we had gone to the bigger science centres during school picnics and had seen many models there which had always amazed us. And now there was a Mini Science Centre right in our school!

Our science teacher took us to the Centre, shortly called MSC, and we were spellbound to see all the models there. Each model explained a specific science or maths concept, and the information regarding all the models as well as their usage was also provided. The teacher held up one of the models and then started explaining the concept. In fact, even we were encouraged to explore the model and understand its functioning. This was such a pleasure and an eye-opener! The models were so easy to handle as well as understand. Whatever the teachers had been trying to teach us till now had become like a child’s play for us and –above all- while exploring the models, all our how’s and why’s were easily answered!

Slowly and steadily, we started getting clarity on all our science and maths concepts. In fact, on days when someone had taken off and had not been able to attend a particular class, we started making that student also understand the concept because it had now become very easy for us. All our curiosity is being satisfied and we are now doing well in the both the subjects, thanks to the clarity achieved.

All in all, this was a good year for me. Thank you MSC. Thank you teachers and principal ma’am.

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