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My Parameters For Effective Teacher Training Program

After the successful installation of Mini Science Centres, Teacher Training Program (TTP) was conducted for the teachers by the respective PIA. Here I have shared some of the parameters that makes the Teacher Training Program more successful and effective.


  1. Start with a bang! – The introduction and company profile should be precise and should get their attention.
  2. Make your own plan – You have to come up with a plan to explain the models. For example, you can start explaining math exhibits first. You can also explain models under the same lesson together (Light – law of reflection, total internal reflection).
  3. g session must be a two way interaction. One should not dominate the other. Teachers and trainers should be given an equal chance to speak or raise concerns.
  1. Real life examples – We must accompany the explanation with real life examples in order to help the teachers to understand it more clearly.
  1. Ice breaker activity – Generally, boredom sets in after 3-4 hours of continuous learning. In order to break that we introduce our activity models (parking puzzle, electric maze, tangram, centrifugal puzzle) to teachers and ask them to solve it. This breaks the boredom and help to develop enthusiasm among teachers.
  2. Handbook and MSC Register – After the models are explained, one should provide the Handbook to the teachers and explain the content of the handbook. We stress on the details of Model Mapping and the uses and purpose of the MSC register.
  3. Whatsapp usage and model school parameters – Before ending the training, we inform the teachers about the whatsapp usage and the model school parameters.
  4. Conclusion and feedback – We must have a sweet conclusion in order to develop good rapport with the teachers and gather the feedback from the teachers in  the Teachers Evaluation Form.
Thinesh Siva

About Author: Thinesh Siva has a total work experience of 1.2 years in STEM Learning Pvt. Ltd. as a Program Implementation Associate.

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