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Practice Leads to Success

STEM learning had conducted a Nation level competition in month of February 2020. Competition were conducted at three different stages. First round of competition was held at city level where many schools of city were compete with each other and got qualified for zonal level and at last winner of zonal level were compete at nation level at Banglore.

Three students from Javahar Navoday Vidyalay Sangeli Dist. Sindhudurg Maharashtra participated in this STEM Competition under guidance of their teachers Mr. Khan Sir. Normally all the students those who participated in the competition was very good with their academic and knowledge. But Navoday Vidyalay practicing a unique method, when all students were gathered for morning prior they regular due a small practice, they called any random student on the stage and ask to explain the model of mini science center. This practice makes students more confident because addressing or speaking in front of more the few peoples make know confident and knowledge is only thing that never decrease if we share with peoples.

Students from the Navoday Vidyalay won the at city level and get qualified for zonal level. For next round they traveled to Mumbai and again blow the thrown of victory. Final round of the quiz completion was held at Bangalore and they won the final round of competition.


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