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Support CSR in Education, Change the Nation

A nation is defined by its economic development and future capabilities. To achieve both the goals, education and skill development have to be of primary focus. Education is a basic need of an economy. The role of education is to help one use their mind. Books and classroom lectures will expose one to the new concepts and theories. However, what they do with the acquired knowledge will determine how far they go with it.

While we can’t stress enough on the importance of the right education, we would like to highlight how STEM education will help children to bridge the social divide. STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases scientific temper & inquisitiveness and enables the next generation of innovators. It is clear that most jobs of the future will require a basic understanding of maths and science.

Now, with the Government of India also focussing on campaigns such as ‘Make in India’ Innovation Mission, there is a focus on developing innovation and manufacturing right from schools. This will be the right time for India to rise to the challenge and develop a culture of application-based learning and innovation among the schools, students, colleges, and teachers.

A CSR partnership with STEM Learning will give you the opportunity to impact education in India and improve education facilities, while locating inadequacies in the existing educational system thus benefiting schools.

STEM Learning as CSR implementation partner of the Mini Science Centres (MSCs) has been actively reforming education since 2011 and has impacted more than a million students across India. As experts operating in the K-12 sector in India, we can make it easier for corporates to strategize their CSR spending in school education. We have always felt that CSR intervention should not be vendor driven, and have fulfilled that resolve in the last 9 years. We have been known for sustainability and thus, have continued relationships even in the schools where we have installed the MSC years back. Our CSR partners have been partnering up with us continuously, expressing their belief and trust in us.

We have been able to achieve what we basically set out to do- instilling scientific attitude among students, regardless of their status, and giving them equal opportunities so that they can shine in their lives ahead. The objective is to clear their basics and provide an impetus, so that they will want to go for advanced studies and carve out glorious futures for themselves. However, this can only be done when there is a series of engagements between the shareholders- because this is the only way that we can achieve the target of transforming the education system for vulnerable and under-served students, through the continuous enhancement of knowledge and empowerment. The efforts need to be constant, and sustainable.

Tie-up with CSR implementation partners, STEM Learning! Support STEM education, and change the nation!

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